The Triads of the Horses
Black Book of Carmarthen VIII

The three depredatory horses of the Isle of Prydain
Carnawlawg, the horse of Owain the son of Urien;
Bucheslwm Seri, the horse of Gwgawn Gleddyvrudd;
And Tavawd Mr Breich-hir, the horse of Cadwallawn the son of Cadvan.

The three draught-horses of the Isle of Prydain
Arvul Melyn, the horse of Pasgen the son of Urien; -
Du Hir Terwenydd, the horse of Selyv the son of Cynan Garwyn;
And Drudlwyd, the horse of Rhydderch Hael.

The three spirited horses of the Isle of Prydain
Gwineu Goddwf Hir, the horse of Cai;
Rhuthr Eon Tuth Blaidd, the horse of Gilbert the son of Cadgyffro;
And Ceincaled, the horse of Gwalchmai.

The three high-mettled horses of the Isle of Prydain
Lluagor, the horse of Carndawg;
And Melynlas, the horse of Caswallawn the son of Bei.
(Possibly forgotten is Melyngar Mangre, the horse of Lleu Llaw Gyffes)

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