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A Song on Gwallawg ab Lleenawg
Black Book of Carmarthen XXXII

ON a fine night Pen Gethin heard the shout of a host, 
When he took a long leap;
Unless the ground be guarded he will not cease.

Since Coegawg is so rich as this in gold, 
Close to the court of Gwallawg, 
I also shall be wealthy.

Accursed be the tree
Which pulled out his eye in his presence, 
Gwallawg ab Lleenawg, the ruler.

Accursed be the black tree 
That pulled out his eye from its place, 
Gwallawg ab Lleenawg, the chief of armies.

Accursed be the white tree 
That pulled out his eye from his head, 
Gwallawg ab Lleenawg, the sovereign.

Accursed be the green tree 
That pulled out his eye when a youth, 
Gwallawg ab Lleenawg, the honourable.1

1. In the margins is are these two verses:

No one that was eminent went
In the way that Gwallawg did,
With his steel into the meadow.

No one that was honourable went
In the way that Meurig did,
With a bandage to the woman in three folds.

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