The Celtic Literature Collective

The Book of Fermoy

f 1-8 Leabhar Gabala (I)
f 23 Aided Cuanach Maic Cailchini
  Airne Fíngein
f 29-31 Cath Crinna
f 32 Bruiden mic Dareo
f 33r Noínden (Ces) Ulad
f 34v-36r Indarba Mo-Chuda a Raithin
f 49- Tochmarc Trebhlainne
f 61 Echtra Cormaic I Tir Tairngire (I)
f 62v Domnach Cruimm Duibh
f 76 Mianna Cormaic maic Airt
f 85-88  Echtra Mongain maic Fiachna
f 86 Immram Snedhghusa acus meic Riaghla
  Cath Almhain
f 89 Echtra Airt maic Cuind
f 89r- Tochmarc Becume
  Scél Túain meic Chairill
f 92b-93b32 Echtra Cormaic maic Airt (II)
f 105 Imram [curaig] hua Corra
f 124-126 Tochmarc nEmireff. (ii)
f 128-129 Togail Bruidne Dá Derga
f 131 d Serc Duibe Lacha do Mongán

I do not know what the accuracy of this reconstruction is; I have made it no by looking at a facsimile, but from the notes on the translations of the texts listed.