The Celtic Literature Collective

O Generous Man

Colum Cille Cecinit
MS Laud 615, p. 101.

1. A fir féil, madh áil let gan beith a péin, tabair don Coimde a cuit amail dober duit budéin. 1

2. As mocin dobeir an biadh is in digh, 2 madh da tuga biadh as brat, 3 cuingenat sin lat ar nim.

3. Gach a bfuil agat a tig eitir ith is blicht is mil nocha berair lat ar sét intan rachar d' ég, ar fir. A fir.

1. Oh generous man, if you desire not to be in torture, give to the Lord His share as you give it to yourself.

2. Welcome to him that giveth food and drink! If you give food and clothing, 4 that will help4 you in Heaven.

3. Whatever you have in the house, both corn and milk and honey, you will not take with you on your journey when there will be going to death, O man. 5


1. Read tabair don choimdid a chuit dobeir í duit féin. Cf. YBL. p 415e 42.

2. Read Is mo-chin dobeir biäd ocus dig. Cf. Bud mochin doberad biad 7 dig, YBL. p. 415e 43.

3. Here YBL. has acht co tarta biad is brot.

4. Read congéna sin.

5. Read either bérthar or bérae.

ed. and trans. Kuno Meyer