The Celtic Literature Collective

Invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Gentle Mary, good maiden, 
give us help, 
thou casket of the Lordís body 
and shrine of all mysteries.

Queen of all who reign, 
thou chaste holy maiden,
pray for us that, through thee, 
our wretched transgression be forgiven.

Merciful forgiving one 
who hast the grace of the pure Spirit, 
join us in entreating the just-judging King 
on behalf of his fair fragrant children.

O branch of Jesseís tree 
from the fair hazel-grove, 
pray for me that I have forgiveness 
of my wrongful sin.

O Mary, loveliest jewel, 
thou hast saved our race, 
O truly lovely light, 
O garden for kings,

Shining one, gleaming one, 
who practisest bright chastity,
beauteous resplendent golden coffer, 
thou holy one from Heaven.

Mother of truth, 
thou hast excelled everyone; 
pray with me to thy Firstborn
that he save me at Judgement.

Thou who art victorious, 
securely set, retinued, and strong, 
pray with me to powerful Christ, 
who is thy Father and thy Son.

O glorious choice star, 
O tree in bloom, 
mighty torch whom all would choose, 
sun who warmest everyone,

O ladder of the great fence 
through which step the pure, 
mayst thou be our safeguard 
to glorious Heaven!

O city fair and fragrant, 
the King did choose thee; 
mighty was the guest who dwelt in thy womb
for three times three months.

Choice door 
through which was born in flesh 
the shining sun whom all would choose, 
Jesus Son of the living God,

For the sake of the beauteous One 
who was conceived in thy womb, 
for the sake of the Only-begotten 
who is High-king everywhere,

For the sake of his cross, 
nobler than all crosses, 
for the sake of the burial
by which he was buried in a rock, 

For the sake of his resurrection 
by which he arose before everyone, 
for the sake of his holy household 
coming from all places to Judgement,

I pray, while life lasts (?), 
that thou be our safeguard 
to the kingdom of the good Lord, 
and that we go with dear Jesus.