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Triumphal Arch of Claudius

Ti(berio) Clau[dio Drusi f(ilio) Cai]sari
Augu[sto Germani]co
pontific[i maxim(o) trib(unicia) potes]tat(e) XI
co(n)s(uli) V  im[p(eratori) XXII? cens(ori) patri pa]triai
senatus po[pulusque] Ro[manus q]uod
reges Brit[annorum] XI d[iebus paucis sine]
ulla iactur[a devicerit et regna eorum]
gentesque b[arbaras trans Oceanum sitas]
primus in dici[onem populi Romani redegerit]  

For Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, son of Drusus, High Priest, holding tribunician power for the eleventh time, Consul for the fifth time, hailed Imperator in the field twenty-two times, Censor, Father of his country. The Senate and the People of Rome [have dedicated this] because he accepted the surrender of eleven British kings, subdued without any losses, the first to reduce barbarian tribes across the Ocean to the rule of the Roman people.

CIL 06, 40416 = CIL 06, 00920 = AE 1948, 0080.

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