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Cronicl o Wech Oesoedd
NLW MS 5276D

The massive Welsh history written by Elis Gruffydd in Calais, ca. 1550. Most of the work has not been translated, but it is notable for providing the earliest version of "Ystoria Taliesin" and versions of the story of Maelgwn's wife and the ring (found in one of the saints' lives) and what looks like a retelling of the Vita Merlini.

The contents following are from Dyfed Lloyd Evans' site on the subject.

Ystoria Ercwlf The History of Hercules
Ystori'r Llong Foel History of the Bald Ship
Deuddeg Pwnc y Ffydd The Twelve Matters of Belief
Chwedl Huail ap Kaw ac Arthur The Tale of Huail and Arthur
Chwedl Myrddin a'r Marwolaeth Driphlyg The Tale of Myrddin and the Three-fold Death
Marwolaeth Myrddin The Death of Myrddin
Ystoria Taliesin The History of Taliesin
Gwraig Maelgwn a'r Fodrwy Maelgwn's Wife and the Ring
Myrddin a Phum Braeddwydd Gwenddydd Myrddin and the Five Dreams of Gwenddydd