The Celtic Literature Collective

First Praise Poem on Labraid

Lugh scéith,
scál find,
fo nimib ni raibe
bed mac nÁine aidhlibthir

Arddu déib doen,
dron daurgráinne,
glan gablach,
aue Luric Loegaire.

Lynx of the shield, bright
phantom--there was none under
the heavens as mighty as the son
of Áine A man higher than the gods, a
firm acorn, famous and with
famous progeny, was the
grandson of Loegaire Lorc

Myles Dillon. "The Consecration of Irish Kings". Dublin: Celtica, vol. X. p 10-11. First analysed by Watkins (Celtica, 6, 212 ff.).