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Tomus tighe mec ind Ócc
The House of Oengus mac ind Óg
Harleian MS 5280, fo 74a

Tomus tighe mec ind Ócc,
fót cen bine buidnib sét,
etir dá fraigid rosícht,
mó secht traigid, mó secht cét.

Cethri dorais ind cen brón,
bith oc ól tria bitha sir,
turib ciprib, úair is caem,
cóel fo tuighib d'itib én.

Dabuch deargiubair mór lucht,
slóg óss a ucht cen nach socht,
suide fichet co ba secht,
coire cert ocht fichet torc.

Translation by the OLD-IRISH-List

The measure of Mac ind Óc's house,
--a place without fault [with] hoards of treasures--
between [its] two walls
Extends more than seven feet, more than 700.

Four doors into it, without sorrow,
there will be carousing forever
With cyprus (?) pillars, since that is precious,
a wattle wall beneath thatching of bird feathers.

A tub of red yew1--abundant its contents--
A host over it, its interior without any silence,
seating for 140,
a proper cauldron [holds] 160 boar2.

The translation is culled from work on the OLD-IRISH list.

1. yew: yew is a poisonous wood; I don't know whether

2. boar: this is likely a kenning for "warrior", so that it implies the cauldron can feed 160 of Oengus' warriors.

Meyer, Kuno. ZCP, vol. 8.