The Celtic Literature Collective

The Sayings of St. Patrick
Book of Armagh (TCD MS 52)

I had the fear of God as the guide of my journey through Gaul, Italy, and the islands which are in the Terrene sea.

For an age, God be thanked, you have been calling upon the churches of the Scots to enter paradise, in union with the Roman church, so that they, as Christians, may unite with you in the same service as the Romans.

It behoves all the church which follow me, at all hours of prayer, to use that very praiseworthy sentence, Curie lession, Christe lession. For all churches should sing, Cyrie lession, Christe lession, deo gratias.

Betham, William. Irish Antiquarian Researches. Vol. 2. Dublin: William Curry, Jun. and Co., 1827. p 346-347