The Celtic Literature Collective

Autumn Song

A good stay-at-home season is Autumn; then there's work to be done by all
Speckled fawns, where the branches make covert, range away undetected.
And stags that were seen upon hillocks, now give head to the call
To the bellowing call of the hinds, and they draw back to the herd.

A good stay-at-home season is Autumn; the brown world's marked into fields;
The corn is up to its growth; the acorns teem in the wood;
By the side of the down-fallen fort even the thornbush yeilds
A crop, and there by the rath the hazelnuts drop from a load.

Manuscript: Book of Leinster
Translation: Padraic Colum. The Silver Branch, ed. Sean O'Faolain. 1938.