The Celtic Literature Collective

The Rod of Moses
The Book of Taliesin XXIV.
From The Four Ancient Books of Wales

FROM every return his host of brothers he reencountered,
Advantage acknowledged to Christ the Ruler, portion of praise.
The glorious God sits on the lap of Mary his counterpart.
The course of truth, perfect nobility, a pattern of thee.
Rods of Jesse, thy people Judah reencountered.

Dexterous Lord, courteous, faultless, of gentle concord.
In respect of the earth, in the temple of Solomon, foundation of impulse,
The door of Paradise; shepherd of God; profoundly he reigned
Was it not heard from learned prophets
That the birth of Jesus had taken place; during his life, 
That there would be life to all kings, a life prepared or ready.
Before thou wouldst have caused, if I had not recorded the danger.
He brought what was bright; he did not cease from the earth.
On the sea deep, when descended thy emotion.
A country native brought not the greatly-kind; be to me from thee
The greatness of thy tribulation; be to me thy grace, rods of Jesse,
And the grace of Jesus, glittering its flowers.
Great miracle in his mind from the gifts of God,
He was a judge; a judge he was; a dexterous divine.
A man of counsel to every obedient one against falsehood.
He is a bright tenure of a number of generations.
. . .
. . .
Bold will be the opposition to the only Son of Mary, to worship the Lord.
The youth ready to assist, from God he sprang, whether he be knowing, whether he be simple.
Thy foreholding, coeval with perfect trees,
Had been expanded beautifully from the lap of Jesus.
. . .
And to give grace, the king of sons,
A new melody men will not greatly listen to.
True his grace, a youth of support, without a lord.
The evolver of every elevation before Druids.
Nudris they knew not, a gentle sight to see Mabon.
They brought frankincense and hard gold from Ethiopia.
O fate-impelling God, O God the ruler, king of the states of progression!
The cruel Herod was not oppressive in the shroud of death.
Thy pained failure, a country owning sons,
When the Lord went away, when overwhelmed
Nilus, and a wintry blast brought Herod to the grave.
Perfect nobleness in the city of Nazareth,
He went not to a country possessing melody.
There will be a resuscitation; may I be bold in thy grace, in the country of the exalted company.
The birth of the Lord was brought by the possessor of a legion of angels.