The Celtic Literature Collective

God the Possesor
Book of Taliesin XXIX.
From The Four Ancient Books of Wales

AND God the possessor, God the regulator, merciful diviner,
Great, wonderful, when thou protectedst me through the wave.
The hosts of Moses, sovereign Lord, woe their dispersion!
Pharaoh and his host perceived them, cursing the cause,
And to sea thou madest new the, cause.
Did he not allure them through an inundation that drowns birds?
From where the sun rises to the west there was land.
Thou wouldst protect those that thou lovest from every prison
Except hosts, vehement their shout, heavy their din.
And protect us also from the miseries of Uffern fierce.
And God the possessor, God the regulator, merciful divinity;
Thine is the country of heaven, it is in peace that thou lovest.
There is not weariness, nor want in thy country; Lord.
No one will be ordered; no one will be an enemy to another.
I would have known, if I had understood, for shame,
That thou lovest, the Holy Trinity, any one that is skilful.
Bards disparage you; they love much for ever.
That was not vile, the Israel which thou placedst in the hand of David.
Alexander had a large number of men.
He would not have been strong, had he not thy friendship,
With his armies and great battles ;and his tortuous hosts.
When they came to the land they were sad in their death.