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The Death-Song of Owain
Book of Taliesin XLIV

The soul of Owain son of Urien. May its Lord consider its need.
The chief of Reged, the heavy sward conceals him. His knowledge was not shallow.
A low cell (contains) the renowned protector of bards, the wings of dawn were the flowing of his lances.
For there will not be found a match for the chief of the glittering west.
The reaper of the tenacious foes. The offspring of his father and grandfather.
When Flamdwyn killed Owain, there was not one greater than he sleeping.
A wide number of Lloegyr went to sleep with light in their eyes
And those that fled not instantly were beyond necessity.
Owain valiantly chastised them, like a pack (of wolves) pursuing sheep.
A worthy man, upon his many-coloured trappings, he would give horses to those that asked.
While he hoarded hard money, it was not shared for his soul.
The soul of Owain, son of Urien.

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