The Celtic Literature Collective

The Lesser Prophecy of Britain
Book of Taliesin XLVII

The Awen foretells the hastening of
The multitude, possessed of wealth and peace
And a bountiful sovereign, and eloquent princes,
And after tranquillity, commotion in every place.
The seven sons of Beli arose.
Caswallawn, and Lludd, and Cestuddyn,
Diwed, Plo, Coil, Iago from the land of Prydyn.
A country boiling will be made as far as Balaon.
Tiied out their nails, ready for journeying thcir reins.
Borderers of a ravaging country.
The Cymry lost all their bounty.
In the alliance of the sovereignís servants,
Llyminawg will appear
Who will be an ambitious man,
To subdue Mona,
And to ruin Gwynedd,
From its extremity to its centre.
From its beginning, from its end,
And to take its pledges.
Persevering his face,
lie will submit to none,
Whether Cymry or Saxons.
A person will come from concealment,
That will make an universal stain of red,
And a battle of strifes.
Another will come,
Far-extending his armies,
A triumph to the Brython.

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