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May God exalt
Book of Taliesin L

May God exalt over the community of Brythou
The sign of gladness of a host from Mona.
There is a contention among the active patriots of Gwynedd.
Of bright radiancy, from every battle to have pledges.
Powys will become grave in embraces.
Men, great-craving, will act on their laws.
Two hosts will go, they will be consonant.
Of one disposition, of one word, harmonious, compact.
They will divide justly the people of Ceredigiawn.
When thou seest men few about Llyn Aeron.
When will be heavy Tywi and Teivi rivers,
They will make battle in haste about Llys Llonion.
What he saw he left over-ladet.
He protected not cities from indignations.
A man warm, a man that guards, a man of impulse.
He was not an utterly clownish man, Rieddomt.
When Cadwallawn came
Over the ocean of Iwerdon,
He regulated heaven as high creator.
Songsters, soon may I hear their cares,
An army of horsemen so harassing about Caer Llion,
And the revenge of Idwal on Aranwynyon,
And playing at ball with heads of Saxons.
There will be troubled the Cat Vreith and its strange language,
From the ford at Taradyr, as far as Perth Wygyr in Mona. A youth brought them to Dinas Mona.
From the time when is defended the honey and clover
They leave their noise and contention,
Not unpledged to raise anger against enemies.
May God exalt over the community of Brython.

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