The Celtic Literature Collective

The Eternal Trinity
Book of Taliesin LI

The eternal Trinity
Made the element,
After the element,
Adam wonderfully.
And after Adam,
Well he made Eva.
The blessed Israel
The mighty Spirit made.
Ardent the suggestion,
Clear the reasoning.
Twelve towns of Israel, rising equally high,
Twelve sons of Israel the generous God made
Twelve sons of Israel were nursed together.
Twelve good, blameless, three mothers nursed them.
One person created them, the Creator made them.
As he will do as he pleases, who is supreme.
Twelve sons of Israel made the Lord.
As he will do as he pleases, who is skilful. [sic]
Twelve sons of Israel bore reward
Of the mission of Jesus.
And one father there was to them
And three mothers to them.
From them came grace
And good offspring.
And Mary, good, created,
And Christ, my strengthener,
Lord of every fair country.
And I will call on and sing to thee every day;
For has been my desire
Friendship with thee.