The Celtic Literature Collective

Song to the Great World
Book of Taliesin LV

I will adore my Father,
My God, my strengthener,
Who infused through my head
A soul to direct me.
Who has made for me in perception,
My seven faculties.
Of fire and earth,
And water and air,
And mist and flowers,
And southerly wind.
Other senses of perception
Thy father formed for me.
One is to have instinct
With the second I touch,
With the third I call,
With the fourth I taste,
With the fifth I see,
With the sixth I hear.
With the seventh I smell.
And I foresay,
Seven airs there are,
Above the astronomer,
And three parts the seas.
How they strike on all sides.
How great and wonderful,
The world, not of one form,
Did God make above,
On the planets.
He made Sola,
He made Luna,
He made Marca
And Marcarucia,
He made Venus,
He made Venerus,
He made Severus,
And the seventh Saturrnts,
The good God made
Five zones of the earth,
For as long as it will last.
One is cold,
And the second is cold,
And the third is heat,
Disagreeable, unprofitable.
The fourth, paradise,
The people will contain.
The fifth is the temperate,
And the gates of the universe.
Into three it is divided,
In the minstrelsy of perception.
One is Asia,
The second is Africa,
The third is Europa.
The baptism of consolation,
Until doomsday it will continue,
When everything will be judged.
My Awen has caused me
To praise my king.
I am Taliessin,
With a speed flowing as a diviner.
Continuing to the end
In the pattern of Elphin.

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