Afaon ap Taliesin
Also: Adaon, Addaon, Avaon. The triads in Hergest have both Adaon and Afaon.

The son of Taliesin, who according to the triads and The Dream of Rhonabwy died a tragic death, slain by Llongad Grwm Fargod Eidyn. He is listed as one of the three bull-chieftains, and one of three battle-leaders. In Rhonabwy, his horse is struck by, of all people, Elphin, who in Hanes Taliesin raised Afaon's father Taliesin.

There is little other record of him; his mother is unknown. There are a series of religous englynion attributed to him in the Red Book of Talgarth, but they are as yet untranslated.

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