Ailill Anglonnach (One Stain) or Aillil Anguba

The brother of Eochaid Airem. He fell into a wasting sickness for Étaín, the wife of Eochaid Airem, who was, in fact, a reincarnated goddess who had been married to the god Midir, only had lost her memory in this reincarnation. During this sickness, he confesses to Étaín that he loves her, and she agrees to meet with him in a tryst. Unfortunately, he falls into a deep sleep and misses the tryst. Instead, Midir appears in the shape of Ailill to take Étaín back to the Tuatha Dé Danann. Midir reveals that he had put Ailill under a spell to fall in love with Étaín for this purpose, and then releaves Ailill of his wasting sickness.

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