Llyfr Aneirin
The Book of Aneirin
Cardiff MS 2.81

The manuscript--Carddif MS 2.81--is usually dated to around 1255-1265. The poems it contains are thought to have been transmitted orally long before ever being transcribed, perhaps in the 9th or 10th century; this may account for the variant readings of some stanzas, which are found after the gwarchanau section. Like most Welsh manuscripts of the periods, it alternates between red and green decorated capitals. Originally, the capitals were likely meant to be blue, in imitation of continental manuscripts; however, due to any number of factors (ink differences, deterioration, etc), the capitals are more of a blue-ish green.

Digital images of the manuscript can be found at Gathering the Jewels, a digital collection of the Cardiff Library, where the manuscript now resides.

The contents are as follows:

  • Y Gododdin
  • Gwarchan Tudfwlch
  • Gwarchan Adebon
  • Gwarchan Cynfelyn
  • Gwarchan Malderew
  • The Second redaction of the Gododdin.

    There seem to be two versions of the Gododdin mixed in the manuscript, an "A" and a "B". There has been much work done on reconstructing what is thought to be the original text.

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