Appendix VII: Cryptozoology

This appendix specifically refers to as-yet unconfirmed creatures which appear in the folklore of the British Isles. It is interesting to note that some of these creatures also appear in American folklore, particularly a "Nessie"-like creature in Lake Erie, and numerous reports of Big Cats in the Northeast.

Hellhounds (See also: Wild Hunt):
Barghest (Yorkshire)
Black Shuck, The: East Anglia
Cwn Annwn
Gabriel Hounds
Gabriel Ratchets
Gwyllgi: Wales
Gytrash: N.England
Hell Hounds
Mauthe Doog: Isle of Man
Moddy Dhu: Peel Castle, Isle of Man
Shirker, The: Burnely, Lancashire
Wish Hounds
Yell Hounds
Yeth Hounds
The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Big Cats of Britain
Alien Big Cat
Beast of Bodmin Moor
Beast of Barnet
Beast of Ongar
Caith Sith/Cath Sith
Cath Palug
Exmoor Cat
Surrey Puma

Aquatic Life
Loch Ness Monster


  • On-Line Cryptozoology Archives
  • Loch Ness Investigation
  • The Global Underwater Search Team
  • The British Big Cat Society
  • The Rutland And Leicestershire Panther Watch
  • Farshores CryptoCorner British Cat Tales

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