A Medieval Arthurian Reading List and Sourcebook

In my efforts to learn as much as possible about the Arthurian Mythos, I have collected quite a few books on the subject. I feel it would only be good to tell others what medieval texts are currently in print, or are available online.

The Elucidation prologue to Perceval: trans. Stephen Evans.

Tristan: Beroul. print, various.

Guingamour, Lanval, Tyolet, Le Bisclaveret: trans. Jessie L. Weston.

  • German
  • Middle English
  • Dutch
  • Lanzelet: Ulrich von Zatzikhoven. poss. in print
  • Sir Morien: trans. Jessie Weston. WWW.
  • Miscellaneous Collections:
  • The Romance of Arthur: ed. James J. Wilhelm. contains some of above, as well as:
  • The TEAMS Camelot Project: an online collection of Middle English Arthurian texts.

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    Mary Jones 2009