Also, Brons, Hebron

The Fisher King in Le Roman du Graal. What is interesting is that his name and character seems to be inspired by the Welsh figure of Bran from the Mabinogi.

In Graal, Bron is brother-in-law to Joseph of Arimathea. When Joseph dies, it is Bron who leads Joseph's followers to Britain, acting as a new Joshua to Joseph's Moses. The one companion goes off to Avalon, while Bron seems to go off to Ireland (an unmistakable parallel with Bran), where he keeps the Holy Grail. Bron's son is then Alain li Gros, whose son is then Perceval, thus making Bron his grandfather. This is not too out of line, for the texts are often confused as to whether the Fisher King is Perceval's uncle or grandfather, or whether he who is served by the grail is even necessarily the Fisher King.

At any rate, the figure of Bron is demonstraited to be derived from Bran, as found in the influential book Bran the Blessed in Arthurian Literature, by Helaine Newstead.

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