Einion Offeiriad
fl. 1320

Author of what is probably the earliest bardic textbook in Welsh.

Not much is known about him, other than that he was a priest. Thomas Wiliems (1546 - 1622?), in Mostyn MS 110, says that he was from Gwynedd. Iolo Morgannwg tried to put forth that he was the grandfather of Hopcyn ap Tomas, for whome the Red Book of Hergest was created. There is no evidence for either histories. Instead, J. Beverley Smith proposes that he was the Einion Offeiriad who was part of the conspiracy to murder of one Iorwerth ab Iau.

If this is the same Einion, then he likely died in 1353, as the lands of this Einion were transfered to the possession of the crown in January of 1354.

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