Gorsedd Arberth
The Throne/Seat/Mound of Arberth (Narberth)

A hill in southwestern Wales, located at Narberth.

More important, it is the sight of much magic in The Mabinogion. Here is where Pwyll climbed the hill to receive a vision of the woman he should marry, and thus saw Rhiannon. Here is also where Pwyll's son Pryderi rather foolishly set foot, and plunged the land into chaos; all the people and livestock disappeared in mist, except for Pryderi, Rhiannon, Cigfa, and Manawyddan.

It is theorized that the Gorsedd Arberth holds the same significance to the South Welsh that Temhair did to the Irish kings, and that both are precursors to the Siege Perilous of the Grail legend--only the most worthy can sit or stand upon the spot, and it will emit a loud cry.

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