Pwyll Pendeuc Dyfed: First Branch of the Mabinogi

Pwyll, lord of Dyfed, offends Arawn, lord of Annwfn, and is forced to battle Hafgan in Arawn's place. He succeeds, and returns to Dyfed. Pwyll sees Rhiannon, an otherworld woman, and succeeds in wooing her. His wedding is interrupted by Rhiannon's former suitor, Clwyd, who Pwyll and Rhiannon outsmart. Rhiannon marries Pwyll, but is unable to concieve. Upon finally concieving, her son is stolen, and she is blamed for killing and eating the missing child. The boy is found in another part of the country in a stable, and is raised away from Pwyll and his identitiy is unknown. The foster father goes to Pwyll for another matter, then realizes the mysterious boy is the lost son of Pwyll and Rhiannon. The boy is reunited with his family, and his name is changed from Gwri to Pryderi.

Mythic Elements



Gorsedd Arberth

Horse Goddess

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