Rhun ap Urien
b. ca. 524 CE

Son of Urien of Rheged and brother of Owain. Little is known of him; he was apparently a bishop.

According to the Annales Cambriae Rhun baptised King Edwin of Deira in 626; this is in contrast to Bede's assertion that a Paulinus baptised Edwin. The claim of Rhun as baptiser is also made by the Historia Brittonum, paragraph 63:

"If any one wishes to know who baptized them, it was Rum Map Urbgen he was engaged forty days in baptizing all classes of the Saxons, and by his preaching many believed on Christ."

The Chartres MS. 98 version of the Historia Brittonum states that Rhun is the author of the work; however, this is unlikely, though Rhun may have written a work on which the HB draws.

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