Series of Old Welsh Texts

One of the monumental works of John G. Evans, originally undertaken at his private press, first at Oxford, then Pwllheli and Llanbedrog. He consulted the major manuscripts of Welsh literature, producing the still-standard facimilies used by translators of medieval Welsh.

The order is as follows:

i. The Text Of The Mabinogion And Other Welsh Tales From The Red Book Of Hergest, 1887
ii. The Text Of The Bruts From The Red Book Of Hergest, 1890
iii. Facsimile of the Black Book of Carmarthen
iv. The Text of the Book of Llan Dav, 1893
v. The Black Book of Carmarthen, 1907
vi. The White Book Mabinogion 1908
vii. Facsimile of the Chirk Codex of the Welsh Laws, 1909
viii. Facsimile and Text of the Book of Aneirin: 2 vols. 1908
ix. Facsimilie and Text of the Book of Taliesin, 1910
x. Kymdeithas Amlyn Ac Amic,1909
xi. The Poetry of the Red Book of Hergest, 1911
xii. Poetry By Medieval Welsh Bards, 1926

The books are currenly in reprint via the AMS press.

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