British Museum Artifacts

Pictish Bowl
Identified as a Pictish bowl

small statue of Sucellus, a Gallo-British god whose attributes--the club and bowl--are similar to the Irish god An Dagda

Unidentified Celtic God
An unidentified god. Very small statue, maybe three inches high. Those might be antlers, or they might be crab claws on his head--it's hard to tell.

This has the attributes of Cernunnos--antlers, sitting "Indian" style--but the figure is a woman.

Irish Brooch
An Irish brooch, one of many at the British Museum

St. Senan's Bell
The bell of St. Senan. Bells were an important feature of early Irish Christianity, though I honestly don't know why.


The Temple of Mithras
The old temple of Mithras, discovered in the 1950s. I didn't realize it would be above-ground and empty--I was picturing a preserved site. Dennis and I ran all around this one-block area, looking for an underground entrance, and could only find some nightclub and maybe a cleaners. Eventually, Den decided to climb up on the plaza we were running around, and that's when he found the remains of the temple.

Roman Wall
Part of the old Roman wall of Londinium; this is near the underground station for the Tower.

Another Roman Wall
What's left of the Roman wall inside the Tower of London

Tower Raven
He wouldn't sit still--I'm surprised we got this picture.