Glastonbury Abbey Ruins
The ruins of the abbey

Arthur's Grave
King Arthur's supposed grave, as interred by Edward I.

reconstructed kitchen
For whatever reason, the kitchen building was left intact; here, it's been reconstructed to what a typical day would look like.

Glastonbury Thorn
The famous Glastonbury Thorn. The guy on the right is Dennis.

A picture of a street in Glastonbury at sunset. It just looked like a neat picture

Halloween Night
We stayed in Glastonbury on Halloween night; the guy in the picture was waiting for his girlfriend, and they rode their horses through the street that night. The picture is of the town square; our room was right above it at a B&B/cafe. That night, we climbed up the Tor, since it seemed an appropriately Halloween-y type thing to do, but the pictures didn't turn out.