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The Gwarchan of Adebon.
The Book Of Aneurin III
From The Four Ancient Books of Wales

Here Beginneth the Gwarchan of Adebon.

The apple will not fall far from the apple-tree.
The diligent cannot prosper with the prodigal.
The naked will not be bold among thistles.
All, when made to swear overmuch, will fail.
Would I love him who would love the rapacious?
Death will not occur twice.
His speech is of no use to the dumb.
Thou wilt not delight to put one of the same language in fear.
The horses of an effeminate person are his dainties.
............................................[line missing or untranslatable]
At home peace has been lost.
Be thy mansion large, thou wert a hero in the day of conflict.
as long as there will be things to seek for thee there will be seekers.
High stones, a reaping to the foe.
The conclusion of the Gwarchan of Adebon.

And So Endeth the Gwarchan of Adebon.

The Four Ancient Books of Wales. ed. by William F. Skene. Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1868.

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