The 21 Lessons of Merlyn

Utter shit. (not to mince words)

By Douglas Monroe, conman extraordinaire.

This book claims to contain the Book of Fferyllt, a lost book of Druidism. It claims to contain spells for raising the shade of Merlyn. It claims druids met in the trees. It claims druids came from Atlantis. It claims they worshiped a god named Pharon. It claims that pumpkin is a sacred plant of druidism. It claims that druids were celibate vegetarians. It claims that women are the weaker sex, and very deadly (well, we may be deadly). It claims that mistletoe is something safe to ingest. It claims to have spells which will open portals to Fairyland. It claims that the druids used echinacea. It claims all this and more. Of course, these claims are all false:

And so on. In other words, if you want a comparatively accurate depiction of Celtic religion, read Ann Ross' Pagan Britain, or some original Celtic myths and Roman records.

Other Responses to 21 Lessons:
A review by Ceisiwr Serith: in which he goes page-by-page, dissecting the problems with the text.

Azaz Cythrawl's reaction to the text--a broader look than Serith's, but still worthwhile.

1. Mistletoe: while the berries are deadly, the leaves are thought to have many theraputic uses, even in working towards curing cancer. However, it is difficult to find commercial mistletoe tincture of the leaves, and one should leave the creation of such things from scratch to those better-versed in the process. The point, of course, is that Monroe does not mention any of this in his book.

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