If identifiable with the Autumnal Equinox, other names for this holiday would be: Alban Elfed (Modern Druid), Gouel Sant-Mikael (Breton), Goel Myghal (Manx), Goeldheys (Cornish), Gwyl Fihangel (Welsh), La Fheile Michil (Modern Irish), Mabon, Harvesthome or First Fruits (Wiccan), Michaelmas or the Feast of St. Michael (Christian).

If Alexi Kondratiev’s The Apple Branch is correct, on the Coligny calendar there was a feast on the 15th of Cantli called tiocobrextion—possibly from *teg(es)okomrextion, meaning “setting the house in order”, and falling somewhere between the Autumnal Equinox (ca. Sept 20) and Michaelmas (Sept 29). It was a time for settling up for the year, harvesting, and celebrating with a large communal feast—we still see this in the (admittedly later) American feast of Thanksgiving.

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