The Witch to Rapunzel

I was young once—
Long blond hair, rosy cheeked, firm breasts, the works
An Aryan goddess with Aphrodite’s appetite
Well, girl, all beauty fades, they say
It’s become cliché
So, like a cliché,
I’ve brought you here
To waste away in this tower
Until you’re as old
And dry
And ugly as me.

I bring all the nubile girls here
Like I had been brought;
The fairy tales like to tell you
That they always escape—
Snow White threw up the apple
Sleeping Beauty was woke with a kiss
Cinderella made good, moved up and out.
But the truth is, honey,
That I’m cutting your braids
Just like I smashed Cindy’s shoe
Put the pills in Beauty’s food
And choked Snow White till her red lips turned blue.

Mary Jones © 2003